Die Dorper skaaptelersgenootskap van Suid-Afrika

The Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society of South Africa

(Nrs 93/3253-98/3448 Certificate/Incorporation Nr 304 Reg. 62/98B-18)

Rasdirekteur/Breed Director: Mev/Mrs MC Milne

049 842 2241 049 842 3589
Posbus/P.O. Box 26, 42 Van Reenen Str, Middelburg EC/OK, 5900


Dear fellow Dorper Breeders

In South Africa we had a very busy year.

* We had the World Show with many overseas visitors which was a super event

* We had representations at various World Congresses relating to the meat industry

which took place in our country;

* We saw increased interest in Dorpers in general – the demand is far greater than the


* We once again find Dorpers with a run-away victory in the National Carcass Competition

in which all breeds participate;

* Our inspectors and breeders are becoming real jet-setters and there is constantly somebody

overseas promoting, assisting, teaching and judging Dorpers – the world is hungry for knowledge;

* We had the International Dorper & White Dorper sale in Upington where the record price was

R520 000 for a White Dorper ram from Namibia and R40 000 each for two ewes.

Earlier in the year a white Dorper ram was sold for R500 000 at a private sale.

* We kicked off with the first ever National Veldram Project and this sale will be in July 2009

* Performance testing is now a reality in the South African industry and from 2011 no sales

will be allowed if the breeder does not participate in performance testing.


Although the economy and agriculture in our country is living through difficult times, Dorpers are still bringing in good money.

Next year in August we are planning a Junior and Senior course as well as a Judges exam for Members from Australia- anybody interested contact Tertia Butcher. The course will take place at The Vale Beaufort West SA.

I had a very disturbing phone call from a South African who visited New Zealand and went to the Royal Show

in Canterbury. He claims that the Dorpers on show were of very poor quality – not complying with the Breed

Standards set by our Federation. If anybody has contacts in New Zealand – please spread the word that

Animals on show should be a good advertisement and not paint a poor picture of the breed.

We must always be proud of our Dorper and quality control is very important at shows and sales.

Thank you for the interesting news letters on the meat industry which Adrian Veitch forwarded to us. From that we realize that Lamb is becoming more popular world wide . The Dorper is the one breed which can supply in this demand for good quality meat. Authorities in the meat industry here in South Africa reckon that there is great opportunity for farmers to supply in the world demand for good quality meat.

Talking about meat and eating………

Bredie is an old Cape name for a meat and vegetable dish stewed in such a way that the flavours intermingle completely. A Bredie has only one kind of vegetable. A Stew is a mixture of vegetables.

The name and flavour of a particular “bredie” depends on the specific type of vegetable used – hence tamato bredie, green bean bredie, pumpkin bredie , carrot bredie or cabbage bredie etc.

Try this true South African recipe:

Green Bean Bredie

750 g shank of lamb sawn into slices. Tomato Bredie: Leave the meat stock and green beans

15 ml cake flour out and replace with 500 g ripe, chopped tomato 10 ml cooking oil ( or olive oil) 5 ml sugar, pinch thyme

2 large, chopped onions

200 ml meat stock

15 ml lemon juice Pumpkin bredie: First cook the meat till tender

7 ml salt Place pumpkin on top of meat

2 ml freshly ground black pepper ( not a watery pumpkin!)

750 g sliced green beans 30 minutes before serving

250 g potato ( peeled and quartered) simmer till tender

Add 2 cloves crushed garlic,

1 stick cinnamon & 1 teas. Fennel

Method: seeds for flavour during the cooking


Roll meat in flour and brown in heated oil.

Add onion and sauté till translucent.

Add heated meat stock and remaining ingredients. Be creative and do your own combinations!!!!

Cover and simmer for 1½ - 2 hours or till meat is tender

Serve with rice or fresh bread.

(6 servings)

The secret is to let the meat simmer as slowly as possible

Cast iron pots work well for this on a stove or open fire.

The flavour improves if the bredie is prepared a day or two in advance

Store in the fridge and reheat when required.

Enjoy it to the last lick!!!!


DOLF LATEGAN’S BOOK DORPERS INTO THE NEW CENTURY ( 4TH EDITION) IS AVAILABLE AT R350 from the South African Society. The Australian and Canadian Societies all have book in stock too.



A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word.

An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted

to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats and pigs

The husband asked sarcastically “Relatives of yours?”

“Yes” replied the wife “ in-laws!”

Little boy asked his father:

Daddy , how much does it cost to get married?

Father : I do not know son – I am still paying!


Thought for the day:

“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle”


Inspections: *************

With reference to the discussion at the meeting in Upington earlier this year, we have not had much feed back from Societies regarding the fees for our Inspectors who work overseas, so we take it that everybody is happy with their current arrangement. We were trying to get a set amount

or set a maximum amount about which Societies can negotiate with Inspectors.

* Please apply strict quality control to build your Dorpers into the Blueblood breed is should be.

* Please see endeavor not to let Inspectors work on their own sheep – just to eliminate the

human factor and obtaining a unbiased opinion of the stock being inspected.

PLEASE keep us informed of any changes in address of Societies Executive Boards and also of members otherwise we cannot keep you up to date on all the news etc.

The Dorper News and Dorpers into the New Century can be read on our Webpage now.

Well, here ‘s wishing all Dorper Breeders a wonderful Festive season filled with love and peace and a prosperous 2009. May you and your Dorpers go from strength to strength and may Nature be kind to farmers
Warmest South African Dorper wishes.

Charlotte Milne